Saturday, June 19, 2010

LG 3D Mobile Phone by Petr Kubik

Samsung already announced a 3D display mobile phone and we’ve all seen 3D television sets getting released lately. But what about other companies? Petr Kubik designed a 3D LG mobile phone concept, that includes glasses, an intuitive stylus and expandable screens. 3D movies and even tridimensional videocalling is supported on the device. 
The 3D phone measures 66×133x14mm, features an adjustable leg support and a photovoltaic screen at the rear for instant recharging. It also comes with an expandable touch display, measuring 177×104mm. WiFi and Bluetooth are also on board, as well as Skype support, a mini USB port, speakers, a mic and 3D scanners.
The interactive stylus is a pretty nifty piece of work, but we’d like a cellphone that shows 3D images, without requiring special glasses. Can this be achieved and what company will do that first?


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