Saturday, October 30, 2010


Oggz are egg shaped, they change colour, are rechargeable and portable lamps. Oggz are designed to bring peace and tranquility to any room. Each Oggz Lamp is lite form the inside by a series of LED lights that cycle through all 7 colour changes over a lazy two minute period. Being portable you can rest these things on any 'flat' surface, where they will last for over 5 hours. To recharge them, simply rest them on their smart, silver, triangular stand that also acts as their charger.  Each Oggz is approx 9.0 x 6.4 cm which is one big egg really!Source


Born of fashion, light art and the clubs the Laserpod is the present days answer to the 60's lava lamp and is set to become a design classic. Three electronic lasers and three blue and purple LEDs combine as a background to a red laser that's projected through a cut glass crystal to create powerful and beautiful effects. Use in absolute darkness for the best effects, the Laserpod will project its stunning light show across a room. Fully portable the Laserpod can run on batteries for up to 8 hours at a time or use its mains adaptor to create a relaxing ambiance where ever you are. Thought it couldn't get any better? Project the laser through your free two pack of holographic lenses to intensify the beautiful, hypnotic effects.
Laserpod Dimensions: 10cm tall (4 inches) and 8cm (3.25 inches) in diameter.

Antworks Space Age Ant Farm

If you have ever fancied owning an aquarium, but thought it would be too much work, then the Antworks space-age ant farm could be just for you. Based on a NASA experiment to study how ants tunnel in zero-g, the Antworks ant farm is a stylish and self contained environment for ants. The transparent housing is filled with a special nutrient rich gel which, not only gives your ants everything they need for a healthy life but also relieves you of the responsibility of having to feed or water them.
The kit doesn't include the ants themselves, but does include an ant catching kit and mail order vouchers for ants if you really can't be bothered. And one last thing to answer a lot of questions: Apparently the Gel can be re-used time & time again, and most ants live up to 6 months.Source

Wild Sling Solo

 Yes, they have finally done it!. Originally there was the 'Wild Sling'. A water bomb launcher that required three people to operate. Call it a heavy weapon water bomb launcher if you like. Those that owned these brilliant inventions, would use them with some mates and totally soak their neighbours, friends and total strangers. These were the halcyon days of water bombing. Then when other friends were about, they'd soak their mates who helped them the first few times to fire it. Eventually as more and more friends became the targets for a soaking from above, then the supply of friends to help in launching dried up (Or not as the case may be).
Finally, the Wild Sling owner was left with his water bomb launcher and no one to help. Down the local park, even the trees could no longer help as their branches had been broken off by over enthusiastic Wild Slingers. Ahh, I hear you all cry! But before you all get teary eyed with sympathy for our unslung heroes, some good news has arrived from the makers of the original 'Wild Sling'. Wild Sling - Solo (Hurray I hear you all cry!)
No longer do you need any friends (Not that you have any left anyway)!  The Wild Sling Solo will launch your water balloons up to a range of 120 ft, all under your own power and without the help of any friends. Simply lie back, put your feet in the stirrups, insert said water balloon and pull back on the sling.

Glow Brick

First of all you might think why is this on Pointless But Cool, its not cool and those guys usually review really cool stuff, right?... Yes, that's right! This weird futuristic glowing cube is not powered by batteries, it doesn't have any cords, even though it will glow all night long... Pretty cool for a lightbulb, huh? OK, now to the Science. This lightbulb is no ordinary lightbulb, it is indeed solar-powered and it soaks up natural sun light during daylight hours to keep it glowing all night long (or when the lights are off!)
The Glow Brick Green is a little oxymoronic in its appearance. Obviously, someone was thinking outside the box when they came up with this ingenious night light despite what the design tells you (you know, the light bulb symbolizing the idea and the solid acrylic brick being the box?). Not only is the Glow Brick Green stylish but its name, goes farther than delimiting its color but also evokes its environmentally conscious construction as a green, eco-friendly way to add some atmosphere to a room.