Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glow Brick

First of all you might think why is this on Pointless But Cool, its not cool and those guys usually review really cool stuff, right?... Yes, that's right! This weird futuristic glowing cube is not powered by batteries, it doesn't have any cords, even though it will glow all night long... Pretty cool for a lightbulb, huh? OK, now to the Science. This lightbulb is no ordinary lightbulb, it is indeed solar-powered and it soaks up natural sun light during daylight hours to keep it glowing all night long (or when the lights are off!)
The Glow Brick Green is a little oxymoronic in its appearance. Obviously, someone was thinking outside the box when they came up with this ingenious night light despite what the design tells you (you know, the light bulb symbolizing the idea and the solid acrylic brick being the box?). Not only is the Glow Brick Green stylish but its name, goes farther than delimiting its color but also evokes its environmentally conscious construction as a green, eco-friendly way to add some atmosphere to a room.

 If you think the bulb inside the Glow Brick looks like the familiar incandescent bulbs from the fixtures in your home, you’re absolutely right! It’s a standard light bulb that has been filled with a glow-in-the-dark pigment. Encased in the acrylic brick, the light diffracts to create a beautifully and enticing shroud of radiance.
Sitting on your desk throughout the day, the Glow Brick may just look like an odd curio but it’s actually charging itself — absorbing UV light which it releases to give off its peculiar glow. The result is an intriguing light source completely independent of everything except the sun to make it work. No switches, no cords or plugs, just give it sun by day and the Glow Brick Green will give back to you a unique brilliance of its own.


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