Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wild Sling Solo

 Yes, they have finally done it!. Originally there was the 'Wild Sling'. A water bomb launcher that required three people to operate. Call it a heavy weapon water bomb launcher if you like. Those that owned these brilliant inventions, would use them with some mates and totally soak their neighbours, friends and total strangers. These were the halcyon days of water bombing. Then when other friends were about, they'd soak their mates who helped them the first few times to fire it. Eventually as more and more friends became the targets for a soaking from above, then the supply of friends to help in launching dried up (Or not as the case may be).
Finally, the Wild Sling owner was left with his water bomb launcher and no one to help. Down the local park, even the trees could no longer help as their branches had been broken off by over enthusiastic Wild Slingers. Ahh, I hear you all cry! But before you all get teary eyed with sympathy for our unslung heroes, some good news has arrived from the makers of the original 'Wild Sling'. Wild Sling - Solo (Hurray I hear you all cry!)
No longer do you need any friends (Not that you have any left anyway)!  The Wild Sling Solo will launch your water balloons up to a range of 120 ft, all under your own power and without the help of any friends. Simply lie back, put your feet in the stirrups, insert said water balloon and pull back on the sling.
Once your intended target comes into view / range (I wouldn't get set-up too early for this as the strain might be too great), simply let go and giggle with glee as you watch the balloon sail through the air with the greatest of speed. N.B: Original Wild Sling owners should beware, you no longer have two friends to help you out of any bother that you might get yourself into and you can no longer split up to avoid the Police. Wild Sling, I think I love you!
It is supplied with a handy canvas bag and can be easily carried to any location. The Wild Sling Water Bomb Launcher is ideal for playing games in a large open field and hitting distant targets.
Wild Sling Launcher features:
• One giant water balloon launcher         • Solo launch design
• 150 balloons                                       • Canvas carry bag
• Instructions included                            • Supplied in a colourful card box
• Suitable for age 16 years and up
• Size: Wild Sling Launcher (box) D 6cm x H 17cm x W 20cm  Source