Saturday, October 30, 2010

Antworks Space Age Ant Farm

If you have ever fancied owning an aquarium, but thought it would be too much work, then the Antworks space-age ant farm could be just for you. Based on a NASA experiment to study how ants tunnel in zero-g, the Antworks ant farm is a stylish and self contained environment for ants. The transparent housing is filled with a special nutrient rich gel which, not only gives your ants everything they need for a healthy life but also relieves you of the responsibility of having to feed or water them.
The kit doesn't include the ants themselves, but does include an ant catching kit and mail order vouchers for ants if you really can't be bothered. And one last thing to answer a lot of questions: Apparently the Gel can be re-used time & time again, and most ants live up to 6 months.Source