Saturday, October 30, 2010


Forget international roaming and WAP capability, phones were far more entertaining in the good old days. Unwieldy hunks of plastic with clunking great dials, shrieking bells, pulse dialling and, best of all, chunky handsets. You remember; the hefty dumbbell-like things that you could barely balance between shoulder and ear. Needless to say there's no place for such impractical appendages on today's slimline mobiles. Or is there? 
Because despite a relentless stream of mobile telephonic innovation, talking on the phone just isn't as satisfying as it used to be. For starters you can't slam a mobile down in disgust, chuck the receiver skywards in delight, or re-enact your favourite 'This is the Sweeney, sunshine, and we're comin' ta get ya!' TV moment. Fortunately, all that's about to change thanks to the technologically advanced but hilariously retro Phobile handset. Simply plug this highly evocative hunk of shiny retro-ironic plastic into your mobile via an adapter and you'll be the envy/laughing stock of all those who encounter you.
Note: Phobile is now supplied with 6 adapters. For a full list of phones covered. Source

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