Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Live 22 Moblie of Future Generation

The Life 22 is attempting to create a completely new type of phone. Currently phones are used soley to contact other peoeple. The Live 22 plans to broaden phone’s capabilites to communicate. It has 3 different modes. The first contacting other phones. The second, rather than only contacting other phones, it plans to communicate with every device in an environment. The Contextual Text Mode allows the user to send messages to a computer, tv, iPod, and any other device. The third mode of this phone is the most impressive. It is called “Glance” and it allows you to remotely observe the environment. This means that by looking at your phone you are able to see who is there, and what is going on in your area. Here at Tech Pudde we can only pray that the Live 22 concept will someday become a reality
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