Thursday, June 3, 2010

PC / Tablet Industry – Kindle Getting a Revamp in Response to iPad Success

Kindle eBook reader
Even though Amazon just launched its new Kindle 2 in February 2009, the eBook giant is releasing a thinner, sleeker version that’s also supposed to be “more responsive” in August 2010.  The device is no doubt a direct response to Apple’s iPad’s record sales (1 Million iPads in one month isn’t too shabby) and the success of the iBook store.  But is the new device too little too late?

The first black mark against the new Kindle is that it still won’t be a touch screen device.  Nor will it feature color.  These are both features that we may see on future Kindle iterations as Amazon just bought out Touchco (a company that manufactures color touch screens.)  In addition, it will still just be an eReader whereas the iPad has been pimped as an all-in-one tablet.
So what will the new Kindle bring to the table?  It’s smaller, lighter, thinner, and faster, and that’s pretty much it.  Until the full specs are revealed later this year, I fail to see how this new Kindle 2.1 is really going to do anything to stop the flow of users switching to iPads.  Not only that, it appears as if Amazon is implicitly saying that they don’t have faith in their own device—launching another “better” version less than 2 years.  It gives Amazon the impression that they’re struggling to compete and that’s never a wise marketing decision.  Of course, maybe the company is struggling, its stock prices having fallen 6% since the beginning of this year.
Sadly, Apple’s success may just crush the once vibrant and growing eBook reader market with it’s multifunctional devices and color touch screens.
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