Friday, June 18, 2010


Designed by Seunghan Song, this "window phone" concept will reflect current weather conditions on the screen. To input text, you just blow on the screen to switch modes, then write with your finger as a stylus. 
If you're one of those who stay absolutely riveted each time the weather forecast segment of the news comes on, then the Window Phone ought to be your handset of choice, assuming it ever makes it past the concept stage to the real world. Why do we say so? This nifty little device is able to make accurate predictions about tomorrow's weather while changing its display to show you just how terrible the blizzard will be (or how sunny it is to head to the beach) for added emphasis and effect. Would be nice to see another level of interativity thrown in for good measure by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the handset itself to correspond with the forecast…
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