Friday, July 2, 2010

ASUS Eee Phone On Track At The End Of This Year

Not a lot to go on here, but PC World is quoting an "ASUS representative" who says that the Eee Phone will be announced later this year. Unlike the Garmin-ASUS offerings, the Eee Phone would be a low-cost consumer jobbie as previously confirmed by ASUS' chairman, Jonney Shih. As such, we expect it to have a massive bezel, a cheap, over-sized plastic case and some kind of open-source OS that consumers can't resist. Hey ASUS, you got lucky with the Eee PC, don't push it. 
We all know that low cost Eee PC's from ASUS have gained a lot of popularity globally. ASUS also demonstrated some impressive products at the CES 2009 recently and announced that it will be launching an Eee Phone in the near future. Just like the Eee PC, the Eee Phone will be a low budget Smartphone and it's expected to come with a full Touch Screen and 3G connectivity. It is also expected that the Eee Phone will come loaded with Google's Android OS and have interactive features that will allow users to control many digital devices by ASUS.

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