Saturday, July 17, 2010

N81 8GB Smartphone

I have been using Nokia N-Series N81 8GB for last few months and I think its enough time to judge any phone. This phone was launched in August last year by Nokia and it is truly an exciting smartphone with the power of symbian OS and spiced up with the N-Gage platform for games lovers.
I bought this great phone in April 2008 for about $475 not just because of the 8GB disk space but for its rich features. The most exciting feature in N81 for me is its connectivity to WiFi which is very much conveinent to get connected through a publicaly available hotspots. So, you can get connected and check your email in almost all of the good restaurants and hotels which are providing free internet connectivity via Wifi enabled broadband internet connections. I usually connect N81 to use internet with my TP-Link 108M DSL Router.
The phone has state of the art slider feature with a shiny surface, dedicated controls for music playback, an excellent voice quality with DVI sterio speakers and lot more space for your multimedia audio and video files. Other features include 2MP cameras (front and back) with flash, 3G, bluetooth and USB for data transfer. You can find more technical details at GSMArena. During the four month of usage, I did not find any problem in the phone  and overall I a satisfied with my cell phone device.


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  3. I'm just an old "fuddy-duddy" - I still use my four-and-a half years old Nokia N70 :-)

    Thank you for the comments

  4. What is your opinion of the new iphone?