Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pepper Pad 3

The next generation of Pepper Pad, a handheld web and entertainment PC, has arrived in Korea. The maker, Hanbit Electronics co-op with Pepper Computing Company, unveiled the new Pepper Pad 3 during the recent Korean Electronics Show (KES) 2006 event. Eventhough this is not a completely fresh from the oven (US market is the first one to get it), this Linux-based portable PC is still worth mentioned.
Before we talk about the features, let’s check out the specs first. Pepper Pad 3 Handheld Web/Entertainment Computer is powered by AMD LX800 processor, 256MB of RAM, 20GB of HDD, and Pepper Platform 3.0. It comes with a 7-inch colors LCD display and remote control, and supports both WiFI and Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR connectivity.
So, what can this mobile PC do? First, as a handheld web device, it lets you browse the web, send email , and chat with your friends using instant messaging. Second, as a portable entertainment, you can expect to be able to watch movie, listen to the music, tune-in to your favourite internet radio, and play some built-in games. If you check out the last screenshot below, you can also see that Pepper Pad 3 comes with navigation  software as well. Pretty cool, huh? Source

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