Friday, August 6, 2010

Sony Ericsson XPERIA is expected with Android 2.0

Another Android smartphone is leaked, but unfortunately we can’t say that it is going to start its sales any time soon. This time it’s Sony Ericsson who fancy Android for its top range mobile phone, for next XPERIA division model to be precise. Parallels with HTC Hero here are possible, of course, but I fear they would be untimely because Rachel, so is its codename, sports some interesting features that make it stand out a bit.
There is not much to say about the next Sony Ericsson XPERIA, but we already know that it might whop Hero’s nose. First of all, SE is preparing an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus. Nothing with more humble pixel density was expected for the XPERIA because guys at Sony Ericsson were always taken up with cameras. Which probably explains an over 12 megapixel phone from them by the end of the year.
Now, there is more. HTC Hero comes with 528MHz processor. The XPERIA in turn is expected to be fitted with a latest 1GHz processor. That of course would make a difference no matter what the phone will be used for.
The last thing so far is the OS. SE Rachel is rumored to be one of the first devices out there with Android 2.0. This fact arises questions like whether it will have something at least remotely like Sense UI? Or one which is even more actual: how long to wait for it? All we know is that Android 2.0 comes in autumn, hopefully Rachel also.Source

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