Friday, August 6, 2010

Sony's Playstation 4

You read it here first, folks! The Playstation 4 (aka PS4), Sony's upcoming game console, will bring along the next generation of video game systems with enhanced view and sensors for better gaming experiences. The graphics and processing power will of course be unprecedented, as we've come to expect with Sony's Playstation brand. The gameplay itself is also sure to be revolutionary. Sony has recently released some information about the PS4 and how it will work.

As you can see, Sony has unveiled a new look for it's latest Playstation, ditching the shiny black veneer of the previous model and opting for a more neutral grey/white color. This new look is quite stunning to be honest - it retains the style and sleekness of the PS3 design and still looks incredibly high tech, but the lighter shade is sure to attract some more casual gamers, a demographic that Sony will sorely need to cater to in order to succeed, as has been witnessed by the Playstation 3's current situation as the least successful video game console on the market, way behind the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Clearly Sony has learned their lesson that they will need to chase a more mainstream, casual audience with their new Playstation 4.
It has also been announced that Sony will take another cue from the Wii and pursue motion-sensing controls much more seriously than it did with it's last generation machine. Rumor has it that Sony's new controller will take motion-sensing controllers to a whole new level - Early indicators suggest that the Playstation 4 will use a glove-like device that the user will wear, along with a motion-sensing force field, vest, remote, helmet, and standard controller combined to create a totally immersive gaming experience with as few buttons as possible.

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