Thursday, June 3, 2010

ASUS Eee Tablet: The most sensitive and accurate device for notetaking, sketching

Many people are confusing the ASUS Eee Pad with the ASUS Eee Tablet. The former is a tablet similar to the iPad and others on the market, while the Eee Tablet is a digital notebook. As soon as you realize the difference between the two, things become a lot simpler.

 Tablet is a half e-reader, half note taker that comes with 2,450 dpi touchscreen that makes him one of the most accurate note takers out there. Eee Tablet uses backlight-less TFT-LCD that offers 64-levels of grey. According to ASUS, Eee Tablet is one of the most sensitive and accurate note takers on the market. When it comes to ebooks this device does its job properly but ASUS has focused on note taking features. Eee Tablet comes with built in 2-megapixel camera which you can use to take pictures from lectures that you can store to your PC via the USB ports. In addition, this device comes with MicroSD card slot so you won’t run out of storage space. Also, this devices allows you to use templates or quickly store, tag, sort or annotate your notes. As for the battery life, this device can work continually for 10 hours before you’ll need to recharge it again.
Only flaw of this device is its weight, and for some reason this device is almost heavier than iPad. However, if you overlook that single flaw you’ll get a great device. As for the release date, we’re expecting to see this device in September with the price between $199 and $299.
[via Engadget]
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