Thursday, June 3, 2010

PLX USB Duet: Simple external iPad keyboard solution

Many people have a lot of trouble adjusting to the virtual keyboard on their iPad, because it just doesn’t feel like a real keyboard. If you need a real look and feel of a keyboard beneath your fingers, there might be a solution for you. It might not be the most appealing solution but it is certainly effective.
ou are having a hard time using virtual keyboard on your iPad PLX Technology USB Duet is the right solution for you. A connection cable is used to connect your iPad to your netbook and it’s not the prettiest solution but it works and that’s all that matters. Therefore, if you need to type an email message on your iPad you can do it simply by hooking your netbook to your iPad via USB Duet cable. USB duet cable is also used to synchronize files between your iPad and netbook, so besides external keyboard you can transfer your photos as well.
This might not be the best solution, because you’ll need to have a netbook with you in order to use it, but it’s still a good idea that someone might use. If you’re not skilled with virtual keyboard on your iPad try using USB Duet, because it might come in handy. One warning before using it, USB Duet uses mini USB, and as we know, most of the netbooks don’t even have mini USB on them, so keep that in mind. Maybe USB Duet isn’t the best solution, but it’s surely interesting.

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