Saturday, June 19, 2010

Digits On The Side

When it comes to pointing out flaws in the layout of a laptop keyboard, the missing Number Keys on the side is one of the biggest. Since it’s a laptop we are talking about, the solution obviously has to be a compact, portable one. So how about the Key Mouse? A Bluetooth mouse that hides a number pad underneath a retractable hood! Hood down and it’s a curvy grip for the mouse; hood up and you can crunch the numbers; simple!
Designer: Sun Lihui

Stunning Asus Waveface Laptops Will Drive You Crazy

These concept laptops by Asus have been designed with lots of innovative features to dominate the headlines over the near future era. These next generation gadgets can attain the attention of all range of users with their unique shape and functional qualities. The Waveface watchphone with its bendable feature can stick on the wrist of the users to offer convenient access to their important documents. The Waveface Light is another innovative laptop concept with flexible display that can be flattened to use it a tablet on the desk or as a usual laptop. Finally, the Waveface Casa is a complete home entertainment system that can be hooked up on the wall to watch movies with great comfort.

LG 3D Mobile Phone by Petr Kubik

Samsung already announced a 3D display mobile phone and we’ve all seen 3D television sets getting released lately. But what about other companies? Petr Kubik designed a 3D LG mobile phone concept, that includes glasses, an intuitive stylus and expandable screens. 3D movies and even tridimensional videocalling is supported on the device. 
The 3D phone measures 66×133x14mm, features an adjustable leg support and a photovoltaic screen at the rear for instant recharging. It also comes with an expandable touch display, measuring 177×104mm. WiFi and Bluetooth are also on board, as well as Skype support, a mini USB port, speakers, a mic and 3D scanners.
The interactive stylus is a pretty nifty piece of work, but we’d like a cellphone that shows 3D images, without requiring special glasses. Can this be achieved and what company will do that first?

Brix concept phone

The Brix phone might just be a concept at this point in time, but the idea behind this concept is definitely interesting enough to warrant a commercial production. The whole front surface makes up a touchscreen, allowing you to access all your contacts, messages, and multimedia files via a touch-based interface. What makes the Brix special is the ability to string with another Brix, doubling the screen real estate in an instant. Heck, even a temporary virtual shared folder is created, bringing content from both devices together until they're disconnected. The best part would be chaining a virtually unlimited number of Brix handsets to form a really large (and probably expensive) TV. iPhone who?
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Motorola Droid X

Not interested in waiting until the 23rd for Verizon's big announcement? Don't worry, we've got you covered right now! The Motorola Droid X has probably been one of the worst kept smartphone secrets in recent memory, but after spending two hours with the phone we sort of see why. In short, it's pretty awesome. Call it a superphone or a mega-smartphone, but the 4.3-inch handset is absolutely Verizon / Motorola's answer to the HTC EVO 4G, and makes the Droid Incredible look like a bench warmer. What do we mean? We'll let you see for yourself just after the break in a breakdown of exactly what this phone is all about -- and in a video or three of it in action. Oh, and on your way down, make sure to feast your eyes on the gallery, too.
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Friday, June 18, 2010


Designed by Seunghan Song, this "window phone" concept will reflect current weather conditions on the screen. To input text, you just blow on the screen to switch modes, then write with your finger as a stylus. 
If you're one of those who stay absolutely riveted each time the weather forecast segment of the news comes on, then the Window Phone ought to be your handset of choice, assuming it ever makes it past the concept stage to the real world. Why do we say so? This nifty little device is able to make accurate predictions about tomorrow's weather while changing its display to show you just how terrible the blizzard will be (or how sunny it is to head to the beach) for added emphasis and effect. Would be nice to see another level of interativity thrown in for good measure by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the handset itself to correspond with the forecast…
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The iPad Under Mouse

Let me tell you a little bit about what I know of world commerce. There’s information, which travels at the speed of light, then there’s product, which travels at the speed of a van, then a boat, then a van, then a train, then a car. It’s slower than light. This causes a bit of annoyance in the world of electronics and multimedia. Why? Because Russia doesn’t have their iPads yet! So what did the folks at DarkDesignGroup (Russian design group) do?
They made the iMousePad.
Simple. Silly. Amazing.
And that’s all there really is to say about that. It’s a mouse pad. It’s clever. It’s excellent.
And I don’t think it’s licensed by Apple. Just a hunch.
Designer: DarkDesignGroup

Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock Green

Want a high quality, beautifully designed clock that literally runs itself?  Look no further.  
Because the handsome Bedol Water Clock works 100% on natural power. It’s true. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity – no pollution. You don’t even need to wind it up! Just fill the tank with natural tap water ... add a splash of natural lemon juice ... and you’re set for 8 to 12 weeks of accurate timekeeping before refreshing. (You won’t even lose time while changing water, thanks to the built-in memory chip!)
With its bold modern styling, space-age accuracy, and surprisingly low price, the Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock is ideal for home or office – or as a unique gift item.
Measuring in at a tidy 4”x 3 ½”, this sophisticated item comes in a choice of four popular decorator colors. For a Water Clock with an alarm, see our Alarm Bedol Water Clock.
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Sunflower Solar Power Station

Sunflower is a new home & office solution, that uses solar energy to generate electric power thru three built in standard sockets. That combined with a solar powered music system interacts and transforms common living spaces into enjoyable and sustainable living environments. The top solar panel receive energy thru the day and the rechargeable solar batteries keep your appliances working thru the night.
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Energenie – The Energy-Saving Plug

Energenie is a clever new gadget which has been designed to reduce energy bills. It’s estimated that 8% of the cost of an average electricity bill is made up of power consumed by appliances on standby mode and, despite the heightened awareness of that fact that appliances consume electricity on standby, many people still frequently use the standby mode due to its convenience.
Therefore Energenie has been developed. It’s a simple, easy-to-use little device which goes between an appliance and the mains supply. Once connected – it’s as easy as plugging it into a socket as it automatically detects when the appliance is in standby mode and cuts off the power supply.
It works with any popular household electrical appliance, whether it’s a TV, CD player, printer or computer monitor, although you have to be careful not to use it on devices that require standby power to work, such as laptops and video recorders.
With 8% of all household electricity being consumed by electrical devices on standby mode Energenie can make a real difference to your carbon footprint as well as your electricity bill. It’s also ASTA approved and RoHS compliant, meaning that itís been comprehensively tested and is completely safe.
Therefore if you’re looking to bring down your escalating electricity bills try out Energenie on a few of your most popular electrical products, such as the TV in the lounge. It will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, allow you to continue with the convenience of using the standby mode, and as an added bonus it also reduces the risk of electrical fires.

Wireless Color Weather Forecast Station

The La Crosse Technology WS-450 color forecast station delivers up to date weather readings in a colorful, easy-to-read format. It features animated color graphs designed to gauge the weather at a glance. The La Crosse Technology WS-450 color forecast station features forecast with tendency, IN/OUT Temp (°F/°C), heat index and dew point.
Receiver: 3 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries or Included 6.0V AC Adapter.
Wireless Sensor: 2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries. Transmission Range: Up to 246 Ft (75M). Can Receive up to 3 Sensors. Low Battery Indication.
Product Features:
Animated Color Graphs Designed to Gauge the Weather at a Glance
Forecast Icon Based on Changing Barometric Pressure with Tendency Indicator
IN/OUT Heat Index (°F/°C) with MIN/MAX Records & IN/OUT Dew Point (°F/°C) with MIN/MAX Records
Wireless IN/OUT Humidity (%RH) with MIN/MAX Records & Tendency Indicator
Wireless IN/OUT Temperature (°F/°C) with MIN/MAX Records & Tendency Indicator
Indoor Comfort Indicator: COMF, WET, DRY
Atomic Time & Date with Manual Setting plus perpetual calendar. Automatically Adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
12 / 24 Hour Time Display
4 U.S. Time Zones: PA, MO, CE, EA
Time Alarm with Snooze
EL Backlight: AUTO, HIGH, LOW, OFF
Wireless Outdoor & Indoor Relative Humidity Range: 20% to 99%
Wireless Outdoor Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Indoor Temperature Range: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Elevation Range: -160 Ft. to 3940 Ft. (-50M to 1200M)

Centaurus 2 Solar Vehicle Project

I really had no idea that there was a race for solar powered vehicles, but apparently there is a 2010 American Solar Challenge, a 1100 mile race from Tulsa to Chicago.
This particular solar-powered car is one of the competitors. It is made by The Solar Vehicle Project team at the University of Minnesota, and it is called the Centaurus 2.
You will note the driver of this vehicle, and I can’t tell if he (I’m assuming it is a he) is off center or not. It might just be the angle of the shot, but he looks a little off-center. It does look like the vehicle has three wheels, though.
My source does tell me that this car is about 3 feet tall, 16 feet long, and 6 feet wide. It weighs at 400 pounds, which is pretty light compared to a car.
You will note the solar cells on it. I think it’s interesting that they seem to adorn only half the vehicle. I don’t know if that’s part of the design, or perhaps the solar car isn’t finished yet.
Too bad that can use the solar cells that can be printed on paper that we reported on yesterday. Too bad someone can’t invent a paint that works like a solar cell when you put a coat of it on anything.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flexible Displays

Displays made with E Ink Vizplex® Imaging Film are ideally suited for flexible display applications due to their thin form factor and inherent flexibility. E Ink's electronic ink is a bistable, reflective display technology that uses ultra-low power. It is easily read under any lighting condition including direct sunlight. Unlike liquid crystal displays, the image on E Ink displays looks the same from all viewing angles and will not distort when touched or flexed, making electronic ink the ideal display medium for flexible displays and portable devices.
 While E Ink's display materials already enable fully flexible displays, flexible backplane technology for high-resolution, active matrix displays are in the development stage. Once these backplanes are widely available to display manufacturers we can expect to see the adoption of flexible displays in a number of applications requiring high resolution.

The Mouse Replacing iPad Technology

With Apple’s new iPad Launch Just about the Corner, Can the iPad attempt with Laptops and netbooks?Apple has absolutely confused the multi-touch user interface advanced but will blow awning tablets like the iPad alter abrasion apprenticed interface on laptops and netbooks? This is an absorbing catechism and one that we will accept an acknowledgment to Saturday April 3. This is the date if millions of the aboriginal bearing iPad will ability the doors of agilely alert geeks apprehension with accessible arms. Indeed, the iPad is the newest of Apple’s toys but can it alter our laptops and netbooks? The conception of the iPad was to ample the abandoned amid a person’s smartphone and their laptop.
Steve Jobs noticed an befalling in the claimed accessory bazaar and started with the abstraction to actualize a glassy apparatus that had the adequacy of a laptop with the portability of an iPhone. The abstruseness conception had a account of all-important tasks that it have to do bigger than a laptop such as browse the internet, administer e-mail, watching movies and video, and gaming. The newest “Apple” of Steve Jobs’ eye is the iPad.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Folding Screen Portable DVD Player

The Origami DVD Player is a new concept being developed by Israel-based MagInk. When not playing a DVD, the Origami can be folded down, compressing the screen so it is approximately the size of a portable CD player. This concept relies on a flexible screen, which MagInk plans to manufacture with full-color e-paper technology. I like the idea of giant, newspaper-sized screens on portable electronics, but folding up a screen might create some problems. What happens when a crease in the screen blocks out some important plot information? Where would I be if I didn't know Willy made it over those rocks? I wouldn't have "Willy is free" tattooed on my neck, that's for damn sure.
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LG 17-inch Monitor Mod

The L1734S-BN is the perfect LCD monitor for those looking for an investment when upgrading older CRTs or LCDs. With a 700:1 contrast ratio, 300 nits of brightness and a 5ms response time, the L1734S-BN delivers all the features you need along with a small footprint in case desk space is at a premium. With a comprehensive 3-year warranty and proven reliability, the choice is LG.


  Color    Black 
 Manufacturer    LG Electronics
 Actual Screen Size    17"
 Maximum Resolution    1280 x 1024
 Manufacturer Part Number    L1734S-BN
 Ports    1 x 15-pin HD-15 VGA
 Manufacturer Website Address
 Product Name    L1734S-BN LCD Monitor
 Maximum Response Time    5ms
 Aspect Ratio    4:3
 Product Type    LCD Monitor

Spherical Mobile Office

Michiel van der Kley, has been producing designs since 1987. His latest design, Globus shows van der Kley’s creativity and imagination. Globus is a multi-functional mobile office with a twist, or sphere more like it. Closed, Globus will attract the most curious of spectators, and open, it reveals its’ real, creative function. Half of Globus is a comfortable swivel, seat, while the other half is a usable, adjustable table which can be used for a laptop or whatever the need may be. With hidden wheels to make Globus mobile, once opened up, the wheels are locked into place. Globus is available in a variety of shades and colors.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Splitview LCD Screen

Imagine this: You’re driving down the highway, following the route guidance on the navigation screen, when the person sitting in the passenger seat decides he wants to watch Dark Knight on DVD. Mercedes-Benz and Bosch together devised a gizmo that can satisfy both viewing requests. It’s a dual-view LCD monitor system called Splitview.
Splitview is a LCD screen that is mounted on the dashboard that allows the driver and passenger to view two different images at the same time. How does it work you ask? The eight inch active matrix, backlit color monitor nests a second image feed on adjacent pixels and a masking filter divides the combined image so that only one set of the pixels can be seen depending on your seating position.
With Splitview, the driver can access to information from Mercedes’s control and display system called COMAND on the display, while the front passenger can watch TV Channels, Music Videos or DVD’s using a Remote control and the audio can be transmitted through the car’s speakers or via headphones. Mercedes-Benz says it will introduce Splitview in the mid 2009 for the S-Class sedan.

Football Shaped 3G Mobile Broadband Dongle

preparation for this year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa Huawei have created a football themed 3G mobile broadband dongle in the shape of a football.
The Huawei 3G mobile broadband dongle is compatible with Windows 7, Linux and Mac computers and includes a microSD slot and has UK 3G spectrum support within.
Huawei has said their 3G dongle will be launched in time for this year’s World Cup for you to be able to support your team even while surfing the net but unfortunately they’ve not provided any pricing at this time.

Newsware - Digital Toolkit for Journalists

 Newsware is a system of wireless connected digital devices. Each device serves a simple purpose without an overload of unnecessary functions. The Camera shoots images or video and uses the benefits of external displays, the VoiceStick records audio and the NotePad collects and organizes all information recorded with those devices. Its double sided touch display permits a quick application change or flipping pages like in a book. The handheld provides all the necessary applications used by journalists with a focus on text processing. A soft keyboard completes the toolkit.
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Nokia BMW Video Phone

A new concept of phone design is offered in  the Nokia BMW video phone. Nokia BMW video phone concept is shown today following the Sony video phone concept a week ago. It pertains to Evgen Designer and it features GPS navigation and a powerful camera. The Nokia BMW comes with an interesting œpush to openâ mechanism that makes its display rotate 90 degrees turning the whole device into a handycam. With a unique design, sleek lines and a BMW symbol on the face, how many advanced features will it take before it receives the green light for production. Little is known about the features of the concept other than it packs a high-end camera and a push to open button with the craftsmanship and style of a true BMW enthusiast.
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Optimus Tactus Keyboard

 Each key is a stand-alone display that shows the function currently assigned to it.
Optimus’s customizable layout allows convenient use of any language—Cyrillic, Ancient Greek, Georgian, Arabic, Quenya, hiragana, etc.—as well as of any other character set: notes, numerals, special symbols, HTML codes, math functions and so on to infinity. 
Keyboard dimensions
537 mm (21.1″)
173 mm (6.8″)
38 mm (1.5″)
20.2×20.2 mm (0.8″×0.8″)

Each of the 113 displays
viewable area
10.1×10.1 mm (0.4″×0.4″)
48×48 pixels
frame rate
10 frames per second minimum
65 536
viewing angle
USB 2.0
Optimus Configurator software
 System requirements
PC with installed OS Windows XP or Vista, with a USB 1.1 (or better 2.0) port; Mac OS X 10.5.1 or higher.
At least 20 MB of free space on hard drive.
At least 256 MB of RAM. 

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Samsung Costume Portable 2.5 inch Hard Drive

Let’s take another peak into the future shall we? This ultra-portable external hard disk drive in the picture above is a Samsung Costume concept drive. The Costume has been designed by Joongoo Lee and they did a very fine job right here. This 2.5 inch drive is designed for ladies. The Costume will bring style, portability and efficiency to any woman who needs a good-looking storage solution around at all times.
There aren’t particular features yet, as this is a concept device yet. Well girls, are you already dreaming about this storage idea? We’ll all have to wait to see if it enters production. The Samsung Costume 2.5-inch hard drive is not entering Samsung production line pretty soon because it’s just a sweet design from Joongoo Lee. Joongoo’s design was inspired by a ladies make-up compact and incorporating glossy material to increase polishing feeling so it will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. When Samsung decided to adopt this design then they will really show us the softer side of a hard drive.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Future Laptop Canvas by Kyle Cherry

A designer named Kyle Cherry has developed the laptop of the 21st century. The futuristic concept is called Canvas and is supposed to provide a better quality for the designer and also it’s said that it will raise the productive rate of the artist. The laptop will feature a very thin touchscreen and the other components will look just about the same but they will be better adjusted. Check out the gallery below and prepare to be amazed. Designer Kyle Cherry has envisaged a new type of computer with creatives in mind. Called simply “Canvas”, the computer is designed to increase the quality and productivity of the designer or artist. It is intended to allow a user with little or no experience to make the switch from traditional to digital workflows by building the system around a more familiar interface. This concept should even make Wacom Clinq owners jealous.

Live 22 Moblie of Future Generation

The Life 22 is attempting to create a completely new type of phone. Currently phones are used soley to contact other peoeple. The Live 22 plans to broaden phone’s capabilites to communicate. It has 3 different modes. The first contacting other phones. The second, rather than only contacting other phones, it plans to communicate with every device in an environment. The Contextual Text Mode allows the user to send messages to a computer, tv, iPod, and any other device. The third mode of this phone is the most impressive. It is called “Glance” and it allows you to remotely observe the environment. This means that by looking at your phone you are able to see who is there, and what is going on in your area. Here at Tech Pudde we can only pray that the Live 22 concept will someday become a reality
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High-tech, green backpack for the Campus of the Future

For the students of the future, here’s the most avant-garde yet green back pack that will assist in studying and keeping in touch with the world too. Carlos Suarez is the brain behind this ‘ahead of its time’ kinda project schemed for the Campus of the Future exposition in Hawaii. The idea was to showcase innovative products and education systems for the near future. Since the sponsor, Herman Miler, was adamant on designing the future back pack for a specific field of study, Carlos chose to design a 3 product system for the future Environmental Engineer.

The first is an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) that includes satellite phone, GPS, and satellite internet. The other products support the first such as a backpack with solar panels that recharge the UMPC and a tent that uses solar energy to erect its memory metal frame and power a flexible LCD fro classroom communication.
This completely sustainable green back pack will allow students or research teams to set up camp in a remote location while remaining in contact with the outside world.Targeting the environmentalists, archeologists, biologists and anyone else who needs to conduct studies in a remote location, this backpack is still a concept and it doesn’t seem to be hitting the production stage any sooner. So guys we will have to make do with our share of simpler eco-friendly alternatives available in today’s times.
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INnovation: 2 Freakishly Futuristic iPhone Add-Ons

When the iPhone came out, did anyone really expect it to spawn all kinds of bizarre add-on devices that could make this seemingly innocuous smartphone powerful enough to do pretty much whatever we want it to? Well, we have a feeling some people did, because iPhone gadgets with associated apps have been bouncing out left and right. One of the most interesting (and useful) ones we’ve seen lately is this $50 dongle that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote. It’s made by L5 Technology, who debuted the device at CES 2010. According to them, it’ll actually control any compatible device within about 30 feet via a free app from the app store. Just select the devices you want to control, drag and drop buttons where you want them, and you’re good to go. Another handy invention to debut at CES was the Mophie credit card reader device. It’ll let you take payments with nothing more than your iPhone, a third-party app, and this little device which attaches directly to your phone. Imagine how much easier this would be for merchants than carrying around a computer to take credit cards at trade shows and other remote locations.

Mini Memories: Tiny Digital Camera Smaller than a Matchbox

Does anyone else think the “tiny gadgets” trend has been taken a little too far lately? When you can lose your digital camera in your shirt pocket, maybe it’s time to re-think the miniaturization of everything. Tiny and probably-impractical though it may be, the Chobi Miniature Digital Camera is sort of cute – and honestly, we love anything that lets us pretend to be giants. Believe it or not, it takes actual pictures at a resolution of around three megapixels, and video at 1280 X 960 (30FPS).
Given the camera’s extremely small size, you probably wouldn’t be able to see much through the viewfinder, so framing shots would be left up to luck. But it stores images on a MicroSD card, so all you have to do is plug the card in when you get back to your computer and edit all of the poorly-shot pics. At around $150 (US), it’s probably out of the “gag gift” price range, but whether you want to pay that much for an itty-bitty camera depends on how much you enjoy pretending to be a giant. Just be sure to attach it to your keyring or a wrist strap, or you’ll lose it as soon as you take it out of the package.

Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop Should Be Here by 2010

A lot of concept gadgets are coming up primarily to utilize the human senses. Of course the sense of touch is what is being utilized the maximum with many touch screen devices being developed. When almost every latest phone is touch screen can laptops be left behind? An Italian company V12 design has devised ‘Canova’ which is a dual LCD laptop, which is yes touch screen. Though the design is more than four years old, the company wants to take this a step further by introducing the second generation laptops of the same series. It is working on the device to support multi touch and also fit in the microphone to enable voice commands. They claim that the model should be in the market by 2010!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Egg Phone: the world's most beautiful mobile

You don't even know what this can do but you want one already. I know, I feel the same way. It's something about the slow, sensuous curves; the elegant, simple silk-touchscreen display and serene, humming hue of that glowing red all topped off with a man-sized USB slot that calls like a siren, "Fill me with your data."
The Egg phone is sadly only a concept, like all the best fantasies, but designer RomanTubl has come up with his picture of the future of mobiles clear for you to see in the images after the jump - a fully-functioning media player with a beautifully minimal interface. Now all someone has to do is make it.

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